Sunday, February 15, 2009


We are comfortably settled at Sunscape RV Resort in Casa Grande AZ until 25 Feb. This is a private lot with full hookups and we decided to stay put and attend the rally by driving The Lone Ranger over (about five minutes away) each day. The rain, mud and wind the first couple days pretty well made up our mind (since our lot is nice, clean gravel) then after hearing about Datastorm connection problems by some of the attendees, some sites not getting water the first day or so, then losing electricity for several hours due to a transformer blowing up—we were glad we made that decision. Our rally coordinator, Nick Russell has decided we will not have the Western Rally at the Pinal County Fairground next year and is looking for another viable location. We will not be here for the 2010 Western rally but have plans to attend the 2009 Eastern rally in Celina, Ohio if we are anywhere in the neighborhood.

On the right side of Backroad Chronicles there is a “sidebar.” This feature allows bloggers to add some fun stuff to our blogs. One element is a list of links to other blogs that I enjoy and follow on a fairly regular basis. One click (actually it might be a double click) and you are there. They are alphabetical and at the bottom there is one called “The Wagonteamster”. I have been a follower and reading his blog daily since August 2008. Last Tuesday, Bob was rear ended by an 18-wheeler on a US highway in Mississippi. His wagon was totally destroyed and two of his four beautiful Percheron horses were killed instantly. He was seriously injured and is still the hospital. Here is a link to one of the newspaper articles about this horrendous crash. I am going to leave the link up because there are some informative comments in his guest book.

I have been steadily working on reconstructing my programs in my computer. I have a long (and tedious) way to go but I am getting there. Phil says that with the extra RAM it seems to be a lot faster when he is playing games on it but as far as I’m concerned, I have seen little if any benefit. However, one thing I have noticed is that my screen doesn’t lock up like it did before the upgrade and that is a good thing!

The Western Gypsy Gathering was really a lot of fun. Phil and I went to several seminars and I certainly feel I learned a lot. Hopefully, Phil feels the same way but you know how hard it is for most men to admit they are not all knowing and all seeing without classes or seminars. The best part of any rally is meeting new people and making new friends as well as spending time with our old friends. On registration day, we went to lunch with our fellow fulltimers, Bill and Diane. They recommended a local Mexican eatery and we enjoyed the food and especially treasured the company of these two dear friends. We do not know when we will cross paths again because they are heading west and we are heading east but since we keep in touch via our blogs and positions on the Datastorm map, it is bound to happen sooner or later.

We are looking forward to a visit from our niece, Tammy and her husband, Steve either tomorrow or Tuesday. They have come down from WA and are obviously hoping to find some sunshine while spending a few days with Steve’s parents who have wintered in Wellton AZ for several years. Since we are sort of in the neighborhood they are coming to see us as well.

Until next time ...


  1. Hey, makes me want to be in AZ. Of course I always want to be where I 'ain't' I think.
    Take care and keep it between the ditches.

  2. Joy, I was just sick to read about the Wagonteamster. How terrible, just terrible. I went and read the article. His poor horses, to say nothing of him. I pray he will recover alright. He was getting ready to take a week's break. Is it on his web site somewhere?

  3. Joy, two things. One, is the background of your blog pink? That is how it comes through at my end and it is sort of hard to read. Two, the hit counter is a good idea. I went to "Add a Gadget" and didn't find it. Where did you find yours???

    You are welcome to stop by anytime!

    Thanks, Carol :)+

  4. Hmmmmmmm, must be my computer!!! Starts out as pale pink with dark pink on the sides---then it all turns into dark pink! Will have to see how it looks on the (newer) laptop! :)+

  5. That is really awful about the wagonmaster. Have you heard how he is doing?