Monday, September 03, 2007

9:28 pm Monday, September 3, 2007

Tomorrow is a travel day. Our wonderful Penny the Pace will carry us south for a few days before we turn east again. We have been hunkered down here in White Sulphur Springs Montana for the past 12 days, deliberately waiting out the holiday weekend knowing we might run into some difficulty finding space in RV parks along our route. Since this is a Coast to Coast park, and also our home park, our cost was only $3.00 per night. It was a good decision because not only did Phil get in some good fishing, I managed to complete some genealogy tasks I had put off until we landed someplace quiet for awhile.

We spent some time here in 2005 and knew we would enjoy our stay. However, I had forgotten about the eternal wind that blows across this valley at sometime (either day or night—or both) in every single 24 hour period, but we learned to live with it. The good side of the wind is that it cools the air down (it has warmed up to the high 80s and low 90s ever day) and it blew the smoke away but the same wind blew the smoke in every day. The fires burning in Idaho and western Montana gave up their smoke in an easterly direction and here, we are in the direct line of fire (no pun intended). The surrounding hills have been shrouded with a bluish haze all but a half day here and there since we arrived.

These hazy sunsets tell the story of our time in White Sulphur Springs. .

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