Wednesday, June 27, 2007

2:52 pm Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Phil and I are both avid blog groupies. We have our favorites but I go a step further and explore the bloggers on the “Datastorm Users Map” and of course, I also check out “Hitchitch”, ultimate blog listing. The best ones are written by Rvers on the move who write every day and that was (and continues to be) my goal when I started my blog in June, 2004. Each morning, whenever possible, while having my coffee I devote an hour or more living vicariously through these blogs—especially when we are not rolling down the road ourselves. When it is not possible for us to travel, I keep my senses sharpened for the real thing by reading about our fellow rvers adventures. Time constraints thwart reading them all but that’s okay since not all write every day. However, like the innocent moths precarious curiosity about the flame—for me, the price tag of these reviews is the yearning in my belly to hear Penny’s mighty engine roar and see Shelton in our rear view mirrors!

It is evident from the lack of verbiage on my blog, when we stay in one place for very long, I soon run out of interesting sights and events to write about. In western Washington, our former home state, we have seen most of it many times and I have written about much of it during the past two summers. Hence, the extended silence on my blog as we are parked here doing mundane daily tasks. Believe me; I am saving you from a long, nap caused by boredom!

Our tentative (my word for carved in Jell-O) plans declare we are leaving Shelton the second week in August. The last scheduled medical follow-up is on the third and our great granddaughter, Carly’s eighth birthday is the fifth. In order to accommodate us, our granddaughter, Sara is going to celebrate her 20th birthday two weeks early and join Carly for her celebration so we can attend both at the same time. We will be pointing our wonderful Penny the Pace east through Washington and Idaho to Montana then south through Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico on a quest for warm weather and new adventure.
So … until we roll again, I ask for your understanding and patience.

A note to my family: I can still be reached by phone or e-mail.

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