Monday, December 11, 2006

9:24 AM Monday December 11, 2006

I was up before sunrise this morning. Sometimes I think my internal clock has been greatly affected by my diabetes medication. Some mornings I will sleep until 9-10 am and the next day I am wide awake at 5:30 am (like today). I never know when I go to bed, how long I will be able to stay there. Am I lucky or what? This is my biggest problem on December 11, 2006.

My cherished friend, Ardella has closed her eyes for the last time and waking up is something she will never do again. Hearing her happy “Hello!” on the telephone when I call or her silly response, “Keys in the mailbox!” to my knock on the door of her motorhome is only a memory now. Christmas without a doubt, was her favorite time of year so, although it was not her choice, it is conceivable this is the month she would most likely want to be foremost in the thoughts of her precious family and countless friends from this year forward. Mission accomplished!

Our road trip to Payson in The Lone Ranger was pleasant and without consequence … just the way we like them. The funeral service for Ardella was the largest I have ever attended. Family and friends spoke of their love and sang her praises for over an hour, one after the other at the podium. The pastor of her church, Mark, officiating at the service was a former employee at Gollipops (Ardella and Don’s candy business for many years) when he was a teen and spoke lovingly (and tearfully) of her in his eulogy. According to an employee at the local paper, “ … Ardella was a legend in this town!” as he handed a stack of papers (with the obituary) to daughter, Debbie without charge.

Lots of tears but equal amounts of smiles and laughter ... all I could think of was … she would have loved it!

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