Monday, May 29, 2006

12:45 PM Monday May 29, 2006

Phil and I spent most of yesterday with my cousin, Nada. She has been renovating her house for some time now, doing most of the work herself. We decided it would be “good thing” to go over and see what we could do to help her out. Of course, I didn’t do much except stay out of the way but Phil contributed significantly to the process by grouting the tiles that Nada had already put down. It is hard work down on your knees but Phil is a trooper and made short work of the job.

Nada was very appreciative and took us out to lunch! Thanks cuz!

Phil went back over this morning and worked a few more hours … I stayed home and caught up on some computer work.

Tomorrow is moving day … it’s kind of exciting ‘cause we’ve been sitting still for so long.

Note: As of this past May 17th, we’ve been away from Washington for one year. It’s been quite a ride! Lots of lessons learned … lots of fascinating places and people and some really wild weather. Hope you have enjoyed riding along with us.

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